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Factory outlets quality service affordable prices 20-year warranty and life maintenance
ALL  OF  OUR PRODUCT are made of high-quality materials exclusively. Their powder coated aluminum frame and the solid and transparent  polycarbonate roofing sheets, ensure corrosion-free, not rust. long-lasting. Built-in gutters and the integrated drainage systems.
FURITE CANOPY is a professional company that integrates drawing design, manufacturing, on-site construction and after-sales service. We have professional teams in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane! We specialize in R&D and manufacturing of outdoor
 facilities including villa carports, bicycle sheds, terrace sheds, window sheds, sun awnings, flower stands, swimming pool sheds, and sun rooms. With us, you can get all the outdoor facilities you need at the right price.
The products produced
 by our company not only block the sun also keep out the rain. Protect from rain erosion and failling objects from sky.
1.The sunshade function can completely block the ultraviolet radiation, 
2.Reduce the air conditioning load, 
3.Reduce the indoor temperature. It is resistant to stretching, corrosion, cold and high temperature. It is resistant to harsh environmental climates. The surface is coated, waterproof, easy to dry, the quality is particularly stable, the service life is long,and the color fastness is extremely high. Professional design, installation of carports, canopy, swimming pool shed, multi-functional awning curtain experience, integrity management!
 call: 0403487684  Contact: Miss Chen Here, you can create a high-quality and warm home for you at the ideal price.

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